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Water Falls In Ranchi | Best Water Falls In Ranchi | Top Water Falls In Ranchi

Water Falls In Ranchi | Best Water Falls In Ranchi | Top Water Falls In Ranchi

Jharkhand’s awesome scenic beauty never disappoints you. Not just the lush forest, but the great water bodies, falls and dams make perfect picnic spots for that quiet day to be spent in the arms of nature. The warm sun, tinkling water, man made architectural beauties in the form of dams make it worth a visit.

Tops Water Falls In Ranchi

  1. Jonha Falls
  2. Dassam Falls
  3. Hundru Falls
  4. Hirni Falls
  5. Bhatinda Falls
  6. Usri Falls
  7. Panch Gagh Falls
  8. Dharagiri Falls
  9. Sadni Falls
  10. Lodh Water Falls
  11. Perwaghagh Falls
  12. Rani Falls
  13. Baghmunda Waterfall
  14. Lower Ghaghri Fall
  15. Upper Ghaghri Falls
  16. Sita Water Falls

Jonha Falls

Jonha Waterfalls
Jonha Waterfalls

Around 45 kms from Ranchi arranged on the Ranchi-Purulia Highway, is the Jonha Falls, named after the nearby town. It is otherwise called the Gautamdhara, as there is a sanctuary committed to Lord Budha, in its region. The stones here appear to allure you down its normal inclination to join the foamy sputtering water of the River. The fall shows up moderately increasingly dismal, upgrading the beautiful appeal of the spot.

How to Reach Jonha Waterfalls

The site is well –connected with both rail and bus routes. 
Nearest Railway Station:- Jonha Station is 1.5 km away from Jonha Fall
By Road: Take the Ranchi-Purulia Road and after traveling 32 kms then travel about 4.8 kms off main road
Distance from Ranchi:- 40 kms

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